Camisole Size Guide

As the following camisole size guide will show, the sizes are as varied as the styles. Bear in mind that some manufacturers use centimeters or letters. However, a lot of stores have metric or imperial equivalents.

Standard Camisole Measurements

Sizes are x-small, small, medium, large, x-large and plus sizes. The x-small size measures 33" (bust), 23" (waist), 34" (hips) 32 (slip size), 4/P (panty size) and 6 (garment size). The small size measurements are 35" (bust), 25" (waist), 36" (hips), 34 (slip size), 5/S (panty size) and 8 (garment size).

The medium size specifications are 37" (bust), 27" (waist), 38" (hips), 36 (slip size), 6/M (panty size) and 10 (garment size). A general camisole size guide will show that the large specs are 39" (bust), 29" (waist), 40" (hips), 38 (slip size), 7/L (panty size), 12 (garment size).

The x-large measurements are 41" (bust), 31" (waist), 42" (hips), 40 (slip size), 8/XL (panty size) and 14 (garment size).

The plus sizes are 1X, 2X and 3X. 1X sizes are 43" (bust), 33" (waist), 44" (hips) and 14 – 16 (garment size). 2X measurements are 47" (bust), 37" (waist), 48" (hips) and 18 – 20 (garment size). The 3X measurements are 51" (bust), 41" (waist), 52" (hips) and 22 – 24 (garment size).

Although this camisole size guide states the standard sizes, manufacturers often come up with different styles that allow the camisole to stretch (i.e. like a one size fits all).

Camisole Types and Styles

Camisoles that have no support are often used for layering, while camisoles fitted with a bra cup provides bra like support. The body shaper provides support for the whole upper body. There are also several styles as well. The sheer camisole can be wide, thin or strapless. It can be outwear or donned in a blouse.

There is also the backless camisole (self explanatory) and the padded camisole, designed for shaping. While a camisole size guide is essential when buying, don’t neglect the styles too.

The silk or synthetic kind is ideal if you want a professional look. If you prefer extra coverage, layering a couple of camisoles together will do. When you do this, make sure the necklines and straps are the same.

Straps and Neck

The strap sizes also vary, from the spaghetti straps to wider types. The latter are used for concealing bra straps. There are also some camisoles equipped with built-in bras for support.

The neck designs vary, with V and the scoop among the most popular. There is no shortage of fabrics to choose from either. There are camisoles in nylon, silk, cotton, polyester etc.


If you’re wearing it for work, a simple camisole will be fine; the lacy types are best for special occasions. For the weekend, you can don a lace camisole with a pair of jeans. For sleepwear, cotton camisoles are the most ideal. However, make sure the size is right. If it’s too tight, you’ll be uncomfortable.

As you can see, it takes more than a camisole size guide to find the right one. You have to consider the fabric and styles too.

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