California King Dimensions

The California king size is a mattress measuring 72 inches wide by 84 inches long. In terms of length it is four inches longer than the standard king and queen size mattresses.

The mattress was made by David Bergeson of California sometime in 1982. He could not find a bed to fit his height so he decided to make a new one. The mattress is also known as the Western king. The standard king size is called the Eastern king.

Comparison with the King and Queen Size Mattresses

The king size mattress measures 76 inches wide and is 80 inches long, while the queen comes in at 60 inches by 80 inches. The Western king is longer and wider than the queen mattress, but it is not as wide as the king mattress.

In terms of overall size, the California king size is smaller than the king. It has a total of 6,048 square inches, while the king size has 6,080 square inches. However, its dimensions make it a comfortable fit for many people.

Price and Shipping

As a rule, these mattresses are more expensive than standard king size mattresses. This is particularly true if you live in the US east coast as it is not widely available. They are available on the Internet of course.

When buying, think of the shipping cost too. The mattress, comforter and sheets are made from different materials. This will have an effect on the price.

California King Sheets

These are sheets specially designed for the mattress. It is necessary to use these sheets because those made for king size mattresses are too small. The Western king sheet can fit onto the standard king.

Apart from the length, the sheets are identical, be it in the stitch count or the materials used. There are some companies however, that make sheets using the largest dimensions of the Eastern and California king sizes. This means the sheet can fit both mattresses.

You can opt for these sheets if the standard types are not to your liking or hard to find. The best place to look for these sheets is the Net, as the selections are more varied.


There are specially made comforters for the Western and Eastern king mattresses. The comforters are usually more flexible than the sheets. The reason is there is no need to wrap or cover under the bed. This means that a comforter made for the standard king may fit on a Western king bed.

It is also possible for a Western king size comforter to cover an Eastern size bed. But while it will cover the surface, it will not be able to fully adorn the sides. Note also that the depth of these comforters will vary depending on the manufacturer. This will be specified on the manufacturer’s website or the package.

The California king size is ideal for tall people. As the mattress is seven feet long, it can be a very comfortable bed for those who are uncomfortable with the standard king size beds.

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