Biggest Engagement Ring

The biggest engagement ring size in the United States is 16. Other countries may use different sizing scales, so the dimensions may vary. 
Difference from Wedding Rings 
Some may get the two mixed up, but there are important differences between the two. Rings for engagement are worn before the wedding. The ring will denote the status of the individual. There are many types available, but the diamond solitaire is the most widely known. 
Just like wedding rings, these rings are usually put on the ring finger on the left hand. The ring finger is next to the pinky. The ring can be standalone or part of a set. If the individual is married, the wedding ring part is put on. It is typically added under the ring. 
From the biggest engagement ring to the smallest, the designs can vary. Some of the most popular are those made of platinum and gold bands. This is true for both sexes. One of the advantages of buying sets is you can be sure they match. When shopping for a ring, make sure that it fits with the band. 
While rings are simple, others are more intricate. Some of these rings are adorned with rubies, diamonds and other precious stones. There are companies that offer custom made rings. There are even engagement and wedding rings that are fused together. These rings are welded together. 
This helps in limiting the friction caused by their rubbing. This is very important. If friction is not removed, it will lead to ring deterioration. 14k rings are particularly susceptible to this. If the rings are not welded, you can take them to a jeweler. It won’t take long to fuse them together. 
Rings for engagement are usually worn by women. There are also rings made for men, but this custom is not widespread. This isn’t the case with wedding rings. Almost always, the couple will each wear one. The difference of course, is that wedding rings are worn after the nuptials take place.
Other Information 
When it comes to design, the choice is a matter of personal preference. Women’s rings tend to be ornate. Rings for men, be it an engagement or wedding ring, tend to be simpler. This is the custom, but by no means the rule. 
In other words, you decide whether to get the biggest engagement ring size or not. The important thing is that you have lots of places where you can buy them. 

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