Biggest Diamond Ring

Diamonds are one of the most expensive gemstones in the world. This is why they are often used to symbolize a man’s love for a girl. They are after all, a girl’s best friend.
When it comes to diamond rings, both men and women would almost always associate its size for just how much the man loves his woman; the bigger, the better. 
Biggest Diamond Rings in the World
The biggest diamond rings in the world can weigh anywhere from forty-three carats up to three hundred carats; and as such, it comes as no surprise that these come with very steep price tags – running millions of dollars per ring.
Below are two of the largest diamonds ever set on a ring. You will find that these diamonds are not only famous for their size but also for their precise cut and clarity.
Spirit of de Grisogono
The Spirit of de Grisogono is actually the biggest diamond ring of its kind – cut black diamond. It also ranks No. 5 in the largest diamonds in the world list. 
It was found in the western parts of Central Africa and its original, uncut weight was pegged at around five hundred and eighty-seven carats.
It was later on cut by famed Swiss jeweler De Grisogono, a company founded by Fawaz Gruosi; a well-known specialist in black diamonds.
The black diamond, when it was finally cut and set on a ring, weighed approximately 312.24 carats. The ring is made of white gold and the 312.24-carat diamond is surrounded by smaller-sized white diamonds totaling seven hundred and two carats in all.
Although originally owned by de Grisogono, the grapevine has it that it was sold and the current owner is currently unknown.
The Golden Eye
This is not only one of the biggest diamonds in the world, but it is also one of the rarest: a pure yellow diamond. It was found in the Kimeberley mines of South Africa.
Its uncut, original weight was pegged at 124.5 carats and remained so for many years until it was cut and finished by the Steintzman Group in New York, famous cutters of some of the world’s biggest and most precious stones.
When it was later unveiled, set on a ring, it weighed 43.51 carats. It is estimated that the diamond ring is worth twenty million US dollars. 
Just as it is rich in color, it is likewise surrounded by quite a colorful story having been seized by authorities in Ohio after it was connected to a money-laundering scheme. 
The government now holds the diamond. 

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