Biggest Baby Ever Born

Parents expecting their very first child cannot begin to fathom the miracle that is forming inside the mother’s womb. When asked what gender they would like their baby to have, most parents would automatically say that gender does not matter.
What matters is that the baby is born healthy. While this is every parent’s dream, sometimes babies are born prematurely or ahead of schedule; others are born late after their due date while others are born below the average weight.
However, there are babies who are born just a bit over than the normal weight. 
Biggest Baby Ever Born
Indonesia, 2009
Imagine seeing a baby coming out of the mother’s womb and looking like a one-year-old baby. This was what greeted parents of a 19-pound baby boy born in Indonesia back in 2009.
The baby was born at 19.2 pounds to be exact. In kilograms, this boy is approximately 8.709 kilos heavy. At the time of his birth, he was 62 centimeters long. In inches, this is equivalent to about 24.4.
The mother had to deliver via Caesarean section because of her baby’s size. As a matter of fact, if you place the baby alongside a newborn of average size; you would see that the 8.7-kilogram baby is triple the size of the other newborn!
What could be the cause of this baby’s extraordinary size? It is said that the mother has diabetes and when the mother’s glucose level reaches an all-time high, a large percentage of the glucose goes to the baby, hence; increasing his size.
Ohio, USA, 1879
Anna Bates gave birth to a large baby boy back in 1879; who is considered to be the biggest baby ever born. The baby weighed a whopping 10.6 kilograms or about 23.37 pounds and measured at 71 centimeters long.
The baby unfortunately died two hours after being born. His parents are also of large sizes; with Anna standing at seven feet and five and one-half inches while the father, Marvin Bates stood at a towering seven feet and nine inches.
Anna herself was a large baby, born at 18 pounds. By the time she was four years old, she was already four feet and six inches tall. Both Anna and Marvin were part of a traveling circus. 
Italy, 1955
In Aversa, Italy there was a woman named Carmelina Fedele who gave birth to the biggest surviving baby in the world; weighing in at a staggering 10.2 kilograms or roughly about 22.45 pounds; also equivalent to 22 pounds and 7.79 ounces.

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