Baseball Field Dimensions For a High School

The following baseball field dimensions for a high school are for the United States. But they are also used in other countries.


The home plate apex up the rubber pitch front is 60’6″. The apex to the second center base is 127′ 3 3/8″. From the rear of the first and third bases, the apex to the home plate is 90’0″. Fence distances vary, but it is usually 310′ – 325′ left and right. The centerfield is 375′ – 410′ while the home plate diameter is 26’0″. This measurement is from the apex home plate. The pitching rubber is 18’0″ in diameter. Measurements are taken 18″ from the pitching rubber’s front.


Baseball field dimensions for a high school are standardized as are the rules. US rules for high school baseball are set in the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS).

Running Bases

NFHS states that runners can be blocked by fielding a ball. Any others means is considered illegal. The penalty is giving the runner a base. If a runner is obstructed, the play goes on until completion or the ball is declared dead.

The bats length cannot be more than 36 inches long. The maximum diameter is 2 5/8 inch. Most bats are made of wood. Non-wood bats have to match the standards set by BESR (Bat Exit Speed Ratio). This BESR is a performance measure aimed at making bats safe.
The NFHS also has specific rules for defense.

Pitchers are not allowed to wear fielding gloves whose color distracts a batter’s view of the ball. Glove colors of other players have no restrictions. Rules state that if a fielder mishandles the ball, priority is to avoid accidentally making contact with the runners.

Pitching Regulations and Others

Two pitching positions are allowed: the set and windup. The hand of the pitcher can be separate during windup. There may be rule variations set by the state association. These have to be followed by the teams. Managers have to ensure the rules are followed. Substitute pitchers are allowed. They may perform up to eight warm up pitches prior to resuming play. Warm up pitches are done on the mound.

Aside from implementing baseball field dimensions for a high school, umpires have the option to wear undershirts. If they decide to wear one, the color has to be blue. Numbers have to be eight inches high at least. Players must also wear caps.

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