Average One Car Garage Dimensions

There are no average one car garage dimensions because garages often end up storing other equipment besides a car. At the very least the garage has to be 9 feet wide. Other dimensions used are 10′ x 20′, 12 x 20 and up 18 x 36 feet.

More about Sizes

The ideal minimum size for most people is 12 x 22 feet (W x L). This is for a single car with minimum walking space. If you own a small compact car and don’t plan to put anything else in the garage, an even smaller size will do. For two cars, the garage has to be at least 18 by 22 ft. This is also the minimum size for two cars.


You are not obliged to use any of the so-called average one car garage dimensions of course. They are simply the ones that people use. There is no reason you cannot use an 18 x 22 ft garage for a single car. You might need the space if you plan on putting a lot of items there. For practical purposes, it is best to make the garage larger than the minimum requirements. It is more convenient and gives you more flexibility.

Items to Put in a Garage

You can use the extra space to store tools, workbenches, lawnmowers, garden tools, car accessories and so on. Prepare a list of the items you plan to put in the garage so you know how large it has to be. Add shelves for more storage space.

Car Size

Don’t forget to measure the car; they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. The specifications will be given in the car’s website. Make sure the garage door is of the right dimensions too. Again, don’t forget about the walking space.

Try parking your vehicle in an open area. Open all the car doors. Put all the items you would put in the garage around you. This can help you with the sizing. This will also help when it comes to assessing garage land space. Don’t place the garage too near your neighbor’s property. If you live in the country, check the local laws. Be certain you don’t end up damaging the environment around you.

Though there are no average one car garage dimensions, you can still use the sizes given above as a guide. This assumes you only need one car; design a bigger garage if you have any plans of getting another vehicle.

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