Average Credit Card Dimensions

The average credit card dimensions is 2 1/8″ x 3 3/8″ inches (H x W). In millimeters, its dimensions would be 54 mm high x 86 mm wide. These figures are often used because they are just right for wallets. A typical credit card is the same size as a driver’s license.

Design and Construction

Modern cards are plastic. It will carry the card issuer’s symbol. They can easily fit in your wallet, but credit card storage holders are also available.


In the most basic sense, this card is used by people to pay for items they buy. More accurately, it is a mode of payment. The assumption is the person who uses the card will pay for the items or services. First, the card issuer creates an account. A credit line is provided to the consumer. The consumer can then borrow cash to pay the seller. Cash advances may also be given to its customer.

Credit and Charge Cards

These cards are not the same. A charge card demands balance payments monthly. A credit card permits users to keep a debt balance. Interest is charged to the debt balance. This is true whether average credit card dimensions are used or not. The credit and cash card are not the same thing. A cash card may be used by the owner as currency. The majority of credit cards are provided by banks.

How Credit Cards Function

These cards are issued by credit unions or banks. An interested customer has to first open an account. This card can then be used for payment. Merchants advertise what type of cards they accept. After customers make a purchase, the customer has to pay the issuer of the card. Consent is indicated by receipt signing.

The receipt will include the payable amount. Sometimes a customer is asked to input a PIN (personal identification number) instead of a receipt. Other authorization modes now exist. Among them are CNP, electronic authorization, telephone or verbal authorizations.

Verification of Credit Cords

More and more people are now using electronic verification systems. This method enables merchants to authenticate the card. They will know in a matter of seconds whether the customer has enough credit to buy the item. It also enables them to determine the validity of the card.

Whether you have average credit card dimensions or something bigger, take care of it. They are flexible, but it can snap in two if not handled properly.

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