Aquarium Sizes For Corn Snakes

The minimum aquarium sizes for Corn Snakes that are juveniles are 30″ x 12 x 16″ and 32″ x 14 x 16″. For adults, it has to be at least 48″ x 13′ x 18″. The aquarium tops have to be fitted with secure screens; these snakes are very good at climbing and escaping.

Other Size Considerations

When the snakes mature, place them in bigger aquariums. You can use sizes bigger than the ones indicated earlier. However, do not get one that is too large; the animal will get stressed. If the aquarium is spacious, provide the snake with some hiding places. There should be branches and other objects that they can climb on. There are many designs and sizes to choose from.

Some of the most popular aquariums today are the 30 and 40 gallon tanks with locking / sliding lids. With a 30 gallon aquarium, the creature will have plenty of space to move plus you have room to add hiding places. If you cannot get a 30 gallon, opt for a 20 gallon long. This will give the animal room to slither around. If you have room, there are 55 gallon tanks available.

Water and Substrate

Regardless of the aquarium sizes for Corn Snakes you use, make sure they are provided fresh water every day. These snakes sometimes immerse themselves in water dishes. That is why it is important to get a large and sturdy dish so they don’t topple over. Replace any water bowls that are soiled.

The substrate can be reptile carpeting, mulch, fir bark or pine shavings. It is better to go for the materials sold in pet stores. Outdoor or landscaping materials may be dirty and contain bacteria. The aquarium has to be cleaned once a week at least.


These snakes are not as sensitive to temperature as compared to other reptiles. Ideally though, they should be in an area over 70 F. If the pet isn’t going to breed, hibernation won’t be an issue.

There are many heating sources to choose from such as reptile incandescent bulbs and under-the-tank heat pads. When using heaters, ensure the temperature does not exceed 85 F. Glass aquariums should never be set directly in front of sunlight.

Aquarium sizes for Corn Snakes will have to be bigger if you intend to breed them. These snakes lay eggs once a year. These will number between 1 to 30. The incubation period will be at least be 55 days. It can also last up to 70 days.

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