Amethyst Sizes

Amethyst is a purple variety of the mineral quartz. It is said that anyone bearing this stone will not be inebriated, hence; the name is derived from two Greek words meaning not intoxicated.

This semi-precious stone is used in a number of different jewelries and they come in a variety of sizes. Some jewelers indicate amethyst sizes in their jewelry pieces in grams while others use the conventional method of using carats to indicate their weight; still others us millimeters to indicate how big or small the stone is.

Various Amethyst Sizes

As mentioned, different jewelers use different methods to let their customers know the size of the amethyst stone set in their jewelries. For instance, a few jewelers use both millimeters and carat weight to indicate the size of the stone.

So an amethyst ring can be sized-up as something like 24.5 by 21 millimeters big with a carat weight of 35.65; or 15.3 millimeters big with a carat weight of 12.51.

These values already tell you the actual size of the amethyst stone based on its dimensions; while also telling you how heavy or light it is based on its carat weight.

Others merely indicate the weight in grams such as 3.4 grams up to 10.6 grams and from here; you can at least have a good idea of the size of the stone in dimensions.

Sometimes, amethyst stones are also sold per piece, without being set in any type of jewelry. If you have a ready-made necklace needing a good pendant, this stone will come in handy as you can have this set in your preferred size to match your necklace.

If it’s just the stones that you want, you may want to check out suppliers that offer amethyst stones at wholesale prices so you can get more for a good deal.

Choosing Amethyst Stones

If you wish to get amethyst stones either set in jewelries or as simple stones, what you want to look for is the Deep Siberian amethyst. This is said to be seventy to eighty percent violet, making it a high grade amethyst.

You should also check for the brightness of the stone. High grade amethysts appear very bright, clear and transparent.

Incidentally, amethyst is said to invite spiritual awareness, healing, inner peace and balance. It is likewise associated with psychic abilities.

People afflicted with certain illnesses sometimes carry these stones in their pockets or purses; or have these in their rooms.

It is said that amethyst brings about healing for tumors, addictions and ear problems; among others.

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