Airline Travel Size Items

Most veteran travelers like traveling light. And they would also counsel others about the practicality and convenience of traveling light. To better enjoy a short trip, carrying only basic needs minus excess baggage contributes a lot.

Airline Travel Size

Airline companies prepare mini packs of basic- item needs for their passengers. They’re often neatly packed in one small handy bag. With time, it has become a sort of a standard for traveling light, so that some people quip that veteran travelers bring only airline travel-size items during trips. Whether by plane, sea, or land, light and experienced travelers bring only a small hand-carry bag with small amounts of basic essentials in it.

Even with clothes and other bigger items that need to be brought along trips, the principle of airline-travel-size-items only is applied: bring only a few clothing items, like 3 sets, and take turns using and washing them. Some travelers bring only what’s on them and buy other clothes they’d need from the locality where they’re going.
Here are other tips on how to limit baggage to hand-carried bags and with nothing but airline travel-size items.

Packets and Sachet

Starting with immediate basic needs like snacks, toiletries, and soaps, it is better to take along products in small individual packets and sachets than buy whole packs. The same goes for gels, deodorants, toothpastes, laundry soap, coffee or juices, and biscuits. Packets and sachets are easily inserted into the smaller zipped pockets of bags compared to, say, bringing their 250 or 500 ml versions. If the trip is just for 3 days, estimate the amount of shampoo regularly used for such duration and bring only that much. Traveling light like that means taking along only airline travel-size items.

Small Towels and Other Down-Size Versions

Towels are often bulky items to stuff inside luggage. So why not just bring small handy towels? A lot of travel necessities today are available down-sized. Like smaller toothbrushes, make-up kits, first aid kits, flashlights, mobile phones, radios, e-notebooks, cameras, and video cams, to name a few. And why not just take short pants than space-consuming long pants?

How about Souvenirs?

Travelers are fond of taking home souvenirs with them. Use the same principle—prefer down-size souvenir items. There are lots to choose from: key chains, letter openers, letter holders, small pictures and frames, bracelets and necklaces, mini novelty items, small desk decors, car fresheners or hang-ons, or table mats, to name a few. This is better than taking bulky souvenirs. People appreciate being given little keepsakes like that from their traveling friends. After all, it’s the thought that counts.

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