Air Hockey Table Sizes

There are several air hockey table sizes. Some tables measure 32″ x 47″ x 87″ (H x W x L), 72” x 38” x 32” and even 90” x 50” inches.

Other Size Considerations

Dimensions and the space in your home are always factors for buyers to consider. You also have to think of the players’ height. Obviously, adults and children have different requirements.


These tables are smaller versions of hockey. The game is played by two people. While there are different sizes, they are very easy to play at home. Part of the game’s appeal is the speed, which makes it exciting. Its similarity to hockey is another plus. These tables give their puck an air cushion.

The table surface is noted for its numerous holes. These are scattered along the surface. An air compressor is situated in the table. The compressor generates air in the openings. This lifts the puck from the table surface. Friction is limited because the puck is set on the air. This helps accelerate the game.

Facts about the Air Flow

Air hockey table sizes are not as important as that of the holes’ air flow. The puck will halt in the center of the table if the air flow is insufficient. This hampers the flow of the game. The air flow is determined using cubic feet per minute (CFM). High quality tables like those used in tourneys come with a 350 or 400 CFM rating.

Tables with lower CFM ratings are available. They cannot be compared to those used in tournaments, but most are suitable for home use. Also important is the motor that generates air flow. The finest tool you can use here is a blower that is commercial grade. This will generate 350 to 400 CFM. There are tables with turbo or dual fans. But not all of them can produce the required CFM.


The cheapest tables are made of plastic. While inexpensive, you can’t expect these tables to last very long. The more expensive ones are comprised of plywood or a particle board. If you play the game a lot, consider investing in a high quality table.

Small air hockey table sizes are ideal for children and casual players. But keep in mind that kids will grow up and they won’t be able to use the table anymore. For this reason, many people prefer to invest in a large table they can use for a long time.

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