Ad Sizes for Magazines

Magazines are a great way to advertise. They are among the printed publications that prove effective in sending out marketing messages to the public. However, there are important considerations that you should make before deciding if putting out an ad in a magazine is wise. There’s size, circulation, and rates.

Different Ad Sizes for Magazines

Like in any medium, you are given access to different ad sizes for magazines. Each ad size comes with a price. Each ad size also comes with a promise of how effective it will be for your target market.

Some magazines differ in size. That’s why ad sizes for magazines usually come in different dimensions as well. The best way to determine what sizes are being offered is to take hold of rate cards from your target medium.

Rate cards are given out by advertising executives to marketers so they will be able to see the ad sizes and requirements available and at what prices they come with. They also put promotion deals, which could help you save some on your costs. They also reveal circulation details, which will help you see how far the magazine’s reach is and what is its target market. Those are essential factors to consider when placing an ad. You would want your message to reach its proper audience.

There are different sizes that could be available. It may be full-page, half-page, a quarter of a page, or two-thirds of a page. It all depends on what magazine you are targeting and what are its guidelines for advertisers.

The Issue on Circulation

When you place an ad, you would want to reach as many of your target market as possible. That’s why the magazine’s circulation is an issue. Circulation refers to the average number of readers who buy the magazine’s every issue. This is determined by identifying the number of subscribers as well as overall sales. Beware, however, because advertising executive may give out a padded assessment of their circulation. Make sure that the figures you are given are accurate. Some magazines also publishes online. Make sure that you explore that factor as well.

The circulation also determines the price of an ad. A widely publicized magazine usually pegs higher than those with a smaller circulation.

The Price you Have to Pay

Of course, price is an important consideration. You have to determine whether the costs being asked for fit into your budget or not. You also have to establish if the cost is worth spending for as per the size of the ad and the circulation of that magazine you are targeting to place your ad.

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