7 Eleven Cup Sizes

7 Eleven is one of the most popular convenience store that has branches all over the world. It has over 40,000 stores serving about 16 countries and is continuously expanding as of late.

7 Eleven is popular for its many firsts. Born in the 1920s, it is one of those that pioneered convenience retailing. It was also the first store to operate 24/7, providing quality service nonstop, just whenever you need it. It was also the first in the industry that offered to-go coffee and self-service sodas.

The Tale of Drinks

7 Eleven was made extensively popular by its wide range of unique drinks, including Slurpee, a partially frozen drink that is usually soda-flavored. Drink sales is quite amazing for this convenience store, as it has become one of the major products that consumers look for. If you wonder about the 7 Eleven cup sizes, wonder no more. Read on because we have them here detailed.

7 Elevens soda fountain is quite popular because it has put together the major brands in one. There are about five cup sizes for the sodas. For a Slurpee, there are also different cup sizes but are almost identical to those of the Gulp.

There’s the Gulp, which can carry about 20 US fluid ounces of fountain soda; the Big Gulp, which can carry about 32 US fluid ounces; the Super Gulp, which can carry about 44 US fluid ounces; the Double Gulp, which originally contains 64 US fluid ounces but was downsized to 56 US fluid ounces; and the Team Gulp, which contains 128 US fluid ounces.

7 Eleven is an amazing one-stop convenience shop. It offers a wide variety of drinks, from those in the soda fountain to the Slurpee station, to the bottled drinks, to the hot liquids, to even alcoholic beverages. You will never have to go anywhere else for your fill because the store has it.

Aside from beverages, the store also offers quick bites. There is a wide range of food products being sold here, which will give you a wide range of choices as well. 7 Eleven also carries some essentials from toiletries to home products. It is truly one amazing shop where you can essentially find things you need at the moment. A typical store in the United States has a floor space of about 2,400 to 3,000 square meters. Such space is filled with over 2,500 items of different kinds. Almost 9,000 of its branches are concentrated in the United States. But there are also a lot spread throughout the world.

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