120 Litre Fish Tank Dimensions

120 litre fish tank dimensions are around 48 x 12 x 15” but there are slightly bigger ones measuring 48 x 12 x 18″. This is equal to roughly 26 imperial gallons. While this isn’t the biggest tank in the market, there is still adequate room to put fish in.


Different materials are used, but the most popular is glass. The majority of aquariums regardless of size use plate glass. But there are also units that use laminated or tempered glass. More expensive models use some type of polycarbonate like Plexiglas. In terms of strength, tempered glass is much stronger than laminated or plate glass.

Manufacturers now employ different kinds of materials to reinforce glass. For instance, most of them are framed by hard plastic or a similar substance. This prevents glass from bowing as time goes by.


120 litre fish tank dimensions are available in different forms. Rectangular shapes are the most popular, but cubes are also available. Rectangular aquariums have the long side edge set horizontally. The depth and the height are smaller in relation to the rest of the tank.

Usually the height and depth are the same. This configuration gives the structure its rectangular appearance when viewed in front. Seen from the side, the aquarium will look square. Cube aquariums look the same regardless of where you view it.


There is no standard price for fish tanks. The price ranges from $300 to over $700. Several factors influence the costs. Aside from size, the material used has a direct effect on the cost. Aquariums will be more expensive if a filter, stand and other accessories are included. A bare bones tank will be cheaper, but you will have to buy the accessories separately. Customized aquariums will also cost more money.

Other Uses

Aside from fish, aquariums can be used as housing for reptiles and snakes. Just like with a fish, you need to decide based on the reptile’s size. Chameleons and other small lizards only require a small aquarium (i.e., 10 gallons). The 120 litre will be sufficient for different kinds of animals. The larger tanks are needed for bigger animals.

120 litre fish tank dimensions can also be used to cultivate plants. By putting just enough plants in it, the aquarium can be transformed into a small ecosystem. For this to work, the greens must have similar requirements. Because the tank is enclosed, different conditions is not possible.

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