What is the Size of a Humidor?

The personal cigar humidor dimensions depend on how many cigars it is designed to hold. Those made for holding 25 to 50 may measure 8.8 x 10.5 x 4.5 inches. Some can contain only 15 to 20 cigars, so they are smaller.


This device is not just a box used to store tobacco. These containers have features that keep the temperature at the right level for tobaccos.

Because the setting is stable, the cigars remain in good condition. These devices make the cigar taste better when they are not too damp or too dry. That is what the device is meant to do; keep the taste.


The box is made of wood. There is a humidifying device installed which is refilled when needed. The term humidor is applicable to an entire room. But this is rarely used for commercially available products.

Several methods can be used to keep humidity constant. Usually a moist sponge is placed in the device. The sponge is set in a place where it cannot touch the cigars but keep the humidity steady.

Design and Storage

The personal humidor dimensions like those cited above can hold only a small case. These are usually positioned on a shelf or table. These are also meant to be used as decor so they are beautifully designed.

The bigger ones are used to stock cigars in stores. Production companies naturally use much bigger humidors. However, the term is not usually applied here. These are more accurately called climate and humidity controlled rooms.

Ideally, cigars should be kept in a place with temperatures of 68 degrees Fahrenheit (20 degrees Celsius). The humidity levels should be around 64-74%.


Different kinds of wood are used to make these devices. The most widely used is Spanish cedar. The wood has excellent moisture retention capability. Spanish cedar also brings extra flavor to the cigar. The wood also prevents pests from getting near the cigars. If pests come near them, the cigar can no longer be smoked.

No matter what the humidor dimensions are, it has to be seasoned first. The cigars should be placed in the device only after seasoning. The hygrometer must be calibrated before it is used. This is the apparatus used to determine humidity.

These devices are seasoned with a sponge immersed in distilled water. The sponge is put in a plastic wrap and set in the device. If the manufacturer has other seasoning solutions, follow it.

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