What is the Size of a D Battery?

Batteries provide electrical energy to various gadgets such as phones, cameras, radios and radio-controlled toys; among other things.

Batteries for such gadgets are generally portable, making them easy to carry around in your purse so you have spare batteries for your gadgets.

Dry cell batteries usually come in these sizes: AAA, AA, C and D.

What is the Size of a D Battery?

A D dry cell battery is cylindrical in shape and is commonly used in gadgets that are high-draining. These high-draining gadgets include the larger type flashlights, portable music players, a few game consoles, baby monitors and radio-controlled toys.

So what is the size of a D battery?

Generally, a D battery comes in the following specifications: 34.2 millimeters in diameter by 61.5 millimeters in height.

Usually, batteries are sold in packs of two up to eight pieces and these can be easily found in groceries, toys and gadgets shops and outdoor gear stores.

When you are looking at batteries for sale online, usually the dimensions of D batteries are not pegged in millimeters but in inches.

So you may also answer the question, “What is the size of a D battery?” with the following: D batteries may also come in dimensions of 2.42 inches in length by 1.35 inches in width by 1.35 inches in height.

Other online shops may also specify their answer to “What is the size of a D battery?” through the following specifications: 5.4 inches in length by 2.4 inches in width by 2.7 inches in height.

Rechargeable D Batteries

Dry cell batteries are also generally disposable. Once they have been taken out of their packs, they should immediately be used.

However, there are rechargeable D batteries that you can also find in the market.

These may or may not come with their own chargers. Chargers nevertheless can also be easily purchased in most stores so finding one shouldn’t be a problem.

Rechargeable batteries may last up to six months before needing to be recharged again. You can also recharge these batteries hundreds of times, allowing you to fully utilize your batteries for a much longer period of time.

It is required that you first charge the batteries before using them for the first time.

While these are more expensive than the disposable type, you will find that in the end, these may prove to be more cost-efficient because you can use them for a far longer time as compared to the disposable variety.

Whatever type of D battery you wish to get, you can find all types of batteries online and these may even be delivered to you right at your doorstep.

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