What is the Biggest Bible?

What is the biggest bible in the world? It would be interesting for many Biggest Biblepeople to know what is the largest bible of all, since this book is among the most debated books in history. Two versions are worthy of mention.

Macklin Bible of the 1800s

In the early part of the 1800s the Macklin bible appeared in print. It was the largest bible at the time and weighed 130 pounds. Even today, it is the most massed produced bible of its size in the world. It is in English with seven volumes in all. Each volume is about two feet in length. Though somewhat bulky, this bible can be carried around easily compared to today’s biggest bible. And what is the biggest bible today? It’s the one Louis Waynai made.

Waynai Bible 1930

Louis Waynai of Los Angeles, California decided to answer the question, “What is the biggest bible,” by making the Waynai bible. He started it in 1928 and finished in 1930. It has the King James Version of the bible, the classic type with the old English which many church denominations prefer. The book stands at 43.5 inches or about 3 feet and 63 inches with a width of 98 inches or 8 feet. This largest bible in the world was donated to the ACU Library in 1956.

Laborious Task

Waynai devoted two years of intensive work to complete the bible, or about 8,700 hours. He printed it with a specially designed rubber stamp press for the 8,048 huge pages. The book spine thickness measures 34 inches so that the whole thing weighs some 1,094 pounds. It may answer what is the biggest bible in the world, but it is impractical to move around to read. It is even more impractical to be used on the pulpit for preaching. It is good for display only.

On Display

When going to the Gaines B. Stanley Reading Room to view what is the biggest bible so far, visitors will see it enclosed in a framed glass case as a sacred religious object. The case, of oak wood, was constructed by Jim Mitchell for Willa B. Patterson who donated it in 1989. To move the largest bible easily from place to place, it can be divided into 31 parts. From the ACU library, the book was moved to Gaines in September 2006 where it is now kept.

Regarded by many as the most relevant book for all time, the bible contains 66 smaller books. It is divided into to two: the Old and the New Testaments.

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