Truck Bed Dimensions for a F150

Truck bed dimensions for a F150 either in the long or short variant. The 1997-2004 SB EC F150 are 80 inches long. Their SB RC is also 80 1/4 inches long. Both are 69 inches wide. The LB R cab (1997-2003) has a 99 1/4 inch long bed.

Cargo Box Dimensions

The cargo box volume (cu. ft.) is 55.4. The inside height is 22.4 inches while the width between wheelhouses is 50 inches. The inside length is 50 inches. The cargo box style is 5.5-ft. Styleside.

Super Cab Exterior Dimensions

The estimated base curb weight (lbs.) 5043. From the front bumper to back of cab it is 144.9 inches. The open tailgate to ground measurement is 33.8 inches. The minimum running ground clearance is 8.6 inches. The ramp breakover angle is 16.8 degrees. The angle of departure is 23.7 degrees.

The overhang front/rear is 38.3/49.0 inches. The track width front/rear is 67.0/67.0 inches. The truck bed dimensions for a F150 width wise varies. Excluding mirrors it is 79.2 inches. With mirrors it is 97 inches. With mirrors folded it is 84.3 inches. The overall length is 231.9 inches, while the cab height is 75.2. The wheelbase is 144.5 inches.


The capacity is either 6 (super cab, super crew) or 3 (regular cab). Drive type options are 4 x 4 and 4 x 2. The maximum payload is 3,120 lbs. The towing limit is 11,300 lbs if it is equipped properly.

The wheelbase specs are 163.1″ (8.0′ box super cab) / 156.5″ (6.5′ box super crew) / 144.5″ (5.5′ box super crew, 6.5′ box super cab, 8.0′ box regular cab) / 125.9″ (6.5′ box regular cab). The torque specs are 434 @ 4500 rpm (6.2L V8) / 360 @ 5500 rpm (5.0L V8) / 302 @ 6500 rpm (3.7L V6).

Other Information

For the regular cab the head room front/rear is 41 inches. The shoulder room front/rear is 66.6 inches. The leg room front/rear is 41.4 inches. The hip room front/rear is 60.5 inches. The figures given above are for the regular cab version. The overall length is 231.9 inches while the wheelbase is 144.5 inches. The cab height is 75.2 inches.

Truck bed dimensions for a F150 given here are for the 2012 version. There are older models dating back to the 1970s. The specifications for those models are not the same as this one. If you are going to buy, make sure to specify what model and year.

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