Square Miles of Brazil

Brazil is a big country. In fact, it is the largest among the South American countries. It covers about 3,287,597 square miles of total area. The square miles of Brazil makes it the fifth largest country in the world. It also ranks at number 5 in terms of population with an estimated number of 190,732,694, mostly Portuguese-speaking, residents.

Brazil also has a total of 4,655 miles of beautiful coastline, making it a surefire hit among beach bums and nature-trippers alike. Its diversity of wildlife and natural resources fuels its tourism at an amazing rate, which is one of the reasons Brazil has a fast growing economy. But for the most part, Brazil’s being the eight largest economies in the world is due to its Agriculture, Manufacturing, and Mining sectors. Tourism contributes but it is not the main source of income among Brazilians.

Brazil’s Popularity

There are many aspects that contribute to Brazil’s popularity. Its huge land area and population, its fast growing economy, and its beautiful coastlines are just a number of them.

Brazil is also known for winning the elite World Cup title five times over — 1958, 1962, 1970, 1994, and 2002.

Aside from football, Brazil is also famous for its love for revelry and art combined. Enchanting music, dance, soap operas, and supermodels can be enjoyed well throughout the many regions in the country. It is like a carnival experience to be in Brazil, with lots of opportunities to have enjoyable gimmick nights with numerous charms that are all over the place.

If nature is your trip and seeing the Amazon is what spells your enjoyment, you still should never go far away from Brazil. It has interesting an wildlife, which is best explained by about 10-15 million insect species.

Traveling to Brazil

Unfortunately, traveling to Brazil can be costly. Although it still charges lower than North American and even European countries, Brazil’s booming economy makes it the most expensive country to go to in all of South America. Budget travel is definitely far and in between if not far-fetched.

Be prepared to spend a lot of money, especially if you want to see more of the metropolitan areas and less of the rural, rarely visited areas.

Most workers all over Brazil expects to receive 10% tip. Since those in the service sector only make the minimum wage, giving out 10% is customary. If it is not included in your bill as a service charge, you must remind yourself to give some or give more, depending on how much your budget permits and how well you enjoyed the service.

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