Smallest Helicopter

The smallest helicopter in the world is the GEN H-4 personal helicopter. The helicopter can seat one person and weighs 70 kg (154 lbs). The helicopter is made in Japan.


The rotor of GEN H-4 has a rotor measuring four meters (118 inches). The helicopter is driven by four 125 cc 2 cylinder engines. The chopper uses standard gas. The helicopter has a maximum speed of 90 km/hr (59 mph). The maximum altitude is 3000 meters. It can reach the top speed while at maximum altitude for a maximum of 30 minutes.

The smallest helicopter is complete with landing gear and a seat. You just have to strap yourself on. Compared with standard helicopters, the GEN H-4 utilizes sets of coaxial, contra-rotating rotors. This removes the need for a tail rotor.

Other Technical Information

The transmission is lightweight. It comes with 27 precision ground. In between are heat treated gears. There are a couple of routers that move in different directions. This helps keep the GEN H-4 in place.

The yaw is managed by a differential gear inside the transmission. This is propelled by an electric motor. To operate the vehicle, a fuel mixture of 30:1 of two stroke oil and car gas is needed. The cost of the aircraft is 2 million rubles ($65,000).

Other Facts about the GEN H-4

The helicopter has been tested in Moscow, Russia. The manufacturer states it will take less than two hours to learn how to operate the device. It took the company 40 hours to assemble the unit.

The GEN H-4 was developed by Mr. Gennai Yanagisawa, the President of Engineering System Co. Japan. The aircraft resembles a chair with wheels. The aircraft is now included in the Guinness Book of Records.

The aircraft’s frame is composed of two inch aluminum pipes. At the front of the pilot is the control panel. The controls come with the yaw switch, starter switch, main switch and tachometer. The unit also has a throttle.

The fact that it has four engines makes the vehicle safe to operate. If one or two engines suddenly stop working, the two engines are strong enough to power the aircraft. There is also a parachute included for emergency purposes.

The smallest helicopter in the world was designed for personal use. The military employs even smaller choppers, but these are not manned craft. These are remote controlled gadgets used for spying and reconnaissance missions.

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