Sizes of Car Seat Cover Accessories

Car seat cover accessory sizes can vary somewhat. Fortunately, many of them are of the universal type. That is, they will fit almost any car seat. The customized cover seats are more suited if you know the seat’s exact dimensions.


Its main purpose is to protect the seats from spills and wear and tear. These covers can also make old seats look new. Why overhaul the whole seat when you can just use these covers? Available in different styles and colors, they will also enhance the vehicle’s interior. These accessories will extend the life of the seats.


Both the customized and universal covers are widely available. The universal type is more popular and in many ways more practical. The only problem is the covers may not be an exact fit. If exact fitting is required, the customized covers are recommended. The car seat cover accessory sizes vary, and so are their designs. Their appearance can also be customized.


These custom covers also let you choose what materials should be used. Custom and universal seats can be made from sheepskin, poly-cotton, leather and other composite materials. Leather is still popular, as is leather suede.


Leather makes the seat cover look more exquisite. These covers may be two section or one piece design. A one piece design can be slipped on the seat and the back. The two-piece can be used to secure the back and seat parts separately.

Poly-Cotton and Others

Poly-cotton is also very popular. Poly-cotton is durable and soft. This material is easy to clean, be it by hand or machine washed. They are also low maintenance and can be used in any weather condition.

If you are after style, then sheepskin is the best option. These are very soft and very comfortable. Compared to vinyl, it will be much easier on the body. Sheepskin has to be laundered.

If you are on a budget, the microfiber covers may be considered. While microfiber is quite thin, it is very durable. These are sold in solid colors. There are also plaids and prints available.

Besides the various materials, they are also available in different colors, textures and patterns. This allows the driver to express themselves via the cover design.

The various car seat cover accessory sizes mean you should have no trouble getting one for your ride. Not only are these covers practical, but they also offer your old car a quick upgrade.

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