Size of Notebook

Notebook computers these days are not an uncommon sight. People from all walks of life from practically anywhere in the world have notebook computers as these are highly portable enabling them to carry these around to school or work and even on business trips.

The size of notebook computers is such that you can easily put these in your messenger bag or backpack. These are also very lightweight making it easier to carry them around.

Size of Notebook Computers

Before you begin to choose what size of notebook computer you wish to have, you may want to first look at several different brands as these usually have sizes different from one another – although some sizes do not vary greatly no matter which brand you get.

General Sizes

The size of notebook computers generally start at approximately 10.7 inches in width by 8.5 inches in depth by 1.9 inches in height. For this size of notebook, the display screen is around 10.4 inches.

This weighs around 4.4 pounds.

You can also find a size of notebook computer that is a bit larger than the one given above. This one has dimensions of approximately 11.2 inches in width by 8 inches in depth by 1.1 inches in height. This one weighs about 3.1 pounds.

Display monitor is around 11.6 inches.

Slim Models

You can see that while the first size is narrower it nevertheless has more height. The second type is considered as one of the slimmer models of notebooks today.

But the slimmest yet is another model that is only about 0.7 inch high. Full dimensions of this model are 11.8 inches in width by 7.6 inches in depth by 0.7 inch in height.

For this slim model, the weight of the unit is around 2.3 pounds.

Wider Screen Options

Now if you wish for a wider display screen, you can find a size of notebook computers that have 14 inches of display monitor.

This one generally measures about 13.6 inches in width by 9.4 inches in depth by 1.1 inches in height. For this notebook size, the weight is approximately 5.3 pounds.

Choosing Your Notebook Computer

While size does matter, there are more important considerations that you should look into prior to purchasing your notebook computer. Check out the technical details or the specifications of the notebook of your choice.

Check the Operating System installed in the notebook, the drivers and utilities, type of battery and battery life, USB ports, expansion slots, whether or not it is wi-fi enabled and also if it has Bluetooth features.

Knowing the specs and your requirements will help you choose the right notebook for you which will definitely make things easier for you whether you are working on your notebook, communicating with loved ones far from you and even browsing and playing for entertainment.

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