Size of an UFO

UFO sizes can be difficult to judge as they’re often seen at a UFOdistance. Nevertheless, reports indicate the dimensions differ. Some report seeing unidentified flying objects the size of Volkswagens while others are as big as 747s.

The Cigar Shaped UFO

This incident took place on July 1947 aboard the Llandoverg Castle steamship as it was traversing the Straits of Madagascar. Around midnight the passengers became aware of a bright light passing overhead. It hovered 50 ft above the water and shone a light on the sea.

The light disappeared and the object appeared. Witnesses reported the UFO size to be 1,000 ft long and 200 ft wide. It resembled a cigar except the ends were chipped. There were no windows or openings. It moved along the steamship for a minute. Then it rose into the air and disappeared.

The Torpedo Shaped UFO

On Nov 2, 1957, Texas patrolman AJ Fowler got a call from a farmer named Pedro Saucedo. Saucedo said he was driving his truck along Route 116 when he saw lightning strike a field. Together with his four friends, they saw a torpedo shaped UFO emerge from the spot.

The object was about 200 ft long. The thing passed over his truck, causing the vehicle to tremble. Fowler dismissed the report until five other people called him and reported seeing the same thing. They all said the UFO size was 200 ft and looked like a torpedo.

The UFO over Alaska

On November 17th in 1986, a Japanese airliner was headed to Alaska. It was half past six in the evening when Captain Kenju Terauchi called the control tower. He reported yellow lights up ahead. The lights disappeared and Terauchi noticed a walnut shaped UFO behind the plane.

The UFO was at least 300 feet long. He reported this to the control tower which sent a couple of planes in the airliner’s direction. By the time the planes arrived, the UFO had vanished.

The New Mexico UFO

Around 5:00 PM on December 8, 1981, Dan Luscomb saw a UFO fly over the skies of Reserve, New Mexico. He said the UFO size was 600 ft long. This report was forwarded to the Center for UFO Studies. Its head, Dr. Allen J. Hynek went to the site and discovered four more witnesses who saw the craft.

They all reported the same size. Hynek also learned from the witnesses that a fighter jet was following the UFO. But whenever the jet would come close, the UFO would pull away. In spite of the object’s size, it was able to maneuver and move at incredible speeds.

Getting Accurate Figures

To get a better idea of the size of these objects, investigators now use special cameras that can determine the object’s dimensions. The photos taken at Gulf Breeze (a known UFO hotspot) revealed some of the UFOs there were about 30 m in diameter.

Again, UFO sizes are extremely difficult to gauge. Aside from the distance, the accuracy of the report is hard to verify. Because the event occurs unexpectedly, the individual or individuals may not be in a position to gauge the object’s dimensions.

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