Sake Cup Size

Sake is a type of wine that is made from fermented rice, native to Japan. Although it is unclear when sake was first made, written records mention this rice wine during the third century particularly in the Book of Wei.

This wine is served in a special cup made only for sake and is poured from a flask also made just for this wine. The sake cup size comes in various dimensions but the standard cup measures about two inches in diameter and approximately two inches high.

The sake cup is normally made from ceramic materials but over the years, there have been cups made from porcelain or heavy-duty cast iron materials. It comes in an exquisite design reminiscent of unique Japanese art.

Serving Sake

Typically, there is a whole set of cups and a flask used to serve this Japanese rice wine. However, there are likewise individual cups and separate flasks that you can purchase and these are readily available on the internet as well as land-based home essentials stores.

There are sake cups used for ordinary days and there are likewise cups specifically used for special occasions, particularly wedding ceremonies. For special occasions, a popular sake cup is the sakazuki which is smaller in dimensions as compared to the olden sake cups.

The serving flask on the other hand is called a tokkuri. The wine is poured into the flask and then warmed in a container filled with hot water. There are various ways of serving sake, depending on the grade of the wine as well as the occasion.

During winter, sake is served hot. On the other hand, high-grade sake is served cold only since the heat can considerably alter the flavor of the wine.

Special Sake Cups

Sake cups these days come in many different materials other than the usual porcelain, ceramic or cast iron. Special sake cups available today include a 24-karat gold-plated cup and these can be purchased as part of a set or as individual cups.

You can find suppliers for your gold-plated sake cups right on the internet and these usually sell for $33.66 on average, in select online shops.

There are also plain white sake cups that you can get online and these likewise come in different dimensions, from 2-ounce cups to 9-ounce cups. If you want to add a bit more flavor in your sake servings, you may also use antique sake cups.

Again, these cups can be easily found online and are more available as individual cups instead of in sets.

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