Palapa Dimensions

Palapa is the term used to refer to a dwelling that is open-sided and has a roof created from dried Palapaleaves. This dwelling is commonly installed at gardens or near the swimming pool. This specific kind of dwelling has various types and sizes. If you are planning to install one in your place, it is important to know the various palapa dimensions so you can decide, which type fits your home.


The two common types of palapa are the round shape and the oval shape. Each type features dwellings that have different dimensions. The measurements of palapa vary on the number of poles used for the structure. For instance, rounded roofs are commonly used for dwellings that have a single pole. If you like to buy a single pole palapa, then the common sizes of the roof are 7 feet, 9 feet, 12 feet, 14 feet, 16 feet and 18 feet.

When you are installing single pole palapas with 7 feet to 14 feet roof, then the main pole of this shelter should be 10 feet to 12 feet long. If you prefer to use the shelter that has a 16-feeth single pole palapa, then the height of the main pole should be 14 feet. When installing a shelter with 18 feet roof, then the main pole should have a height of 16 feet.

If you like to install a two pole dwelling in your place, then the roof of the structure should be oval and should have any of these measurements, 7×14, 9×18 and 12×24. When installing the structure, it is important that the poles of the roof have a length of 10 feet or 12 feet.

The usual measurements of the round roof of four-pole palapas are the following, 12 feet, 14 feet, 16 feet and 18 feet. On the other hand, the measurements for oval round roof are 7×14, 9×18 and 12×24. When it comes to the main poles of the structure, these should have a height of 8 feet to 10 feet.

Additional Information and Other Important Details

To enhance the appearance of the structure, you can add accessories like palapa table and chairs. When purchasing the dwelling, you can choose structures that are made from different materials like bamboo and synthetic palapas. To make your garden or your backyard more attractive, you can install the structure in an outside bar near your swimming pool or a Jacuzzi. Additionally, you can install hammocks near the dwellings.

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