How Small is a Wireless Cooking Thermometer?

The wireless cooking thermometer sizes are assorted because manufacturers use different standards. Some of them measure 6 x 3 x 1 and others 5.2 x 2 x 1 inches. You will likely come across many more when you shop for one.


This kitchen tool is often used for measuring meat temperature. Knowing the right level is necessary so you can cook the meat to the proper stage. Cooking at the right level is also necessary for safety reasons. Even the best chefs will find it to tell if the meat is cooked by just looking at it.

Some people opt to make incisions into the meat to determine its doneness. This approach has two drawbacks. One is the juices flow out, resulting in flavor loss. Second, it scars the meat and makes it unsightly.

Other Features

These devices are of course used for cooking. Usually you just have to put the thermometer in the meat. The device will then inform you of the temperature. Features of these devices vary. Some have a backlit LCD so you can see the information clearly.

Others have voice alerts that will tell you when it is cooked. Of course the various wireless cooking thermometer sizes are known for their convenience. You do not have to be confined to the kitchen. Because they are wireless, the alarms will inform when it is cooked already.

Other Uses

These thermometers are so identified with meat they are often called meat thermometers. But these can actually be used on other food. Candies, jellies and jams also benefit from temperature monitoring.

If you are making jams, they must be set at the proper temperature. Otherwise the results will be unsatisfactory. The same thing with candies; the sweets have to reach a specific temperature. This level depends on the consistency you want. There are special thermometers made just for candies in fact.

Styles and Types

Aside from the various wireless cooking thermometer sizes, there are assorted styles to choose from. The instant-read types are among the most popular today. Some are very basic and cheap. Others have other features and cost substantial amounts. If you do not cook a lot, a basic thermometer will do. But if you cook a lot, invest in a quality device.

One of the best known thermometers is the dial variant. This has a probe which is pushed in the thickest portion of the food. The dish is then cooked. The device will inform you when the right temperature is reached.

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