How Small is a Fishing Weight?

There are as many different fishing weight sizes as there are fishing techniques. There are lead weights measuring 8-3/4″ x 1″ x 2″, 9″ x 1″ x 3 and 7″ x 1″ x 4”. There are many other weights available. Rather than physical dimensions, they are often measured by weight. This ranges from an ounce to a pound.


These weights are sold in different type. Each weight type is also available in different dimensions. The purpose of the weights is to keep the lure and live bait at the depth you need.

What are Split Shots?

These are weights with a couple of protrusions at one end and an opening on the other. The angler can pinch these. Pinching will open the weight. After being slipped on the line, it can be pinched closed. This tackle is very easy to use regardless of the fishing weight sizes.

Bullet Weights

These resemble cones and also look a bit like a bullet. They are often used with plastic animal baits. You have to slide these before they are connected to the rigs.


There are other kinds of weights to choose from. Some of the most common are suspend weights, rubber-core sinkers, drop weights and tube weights. There are also in-line weights, finesse, nail, and flipping weights. All of these devices have their own roles.


These are among the biggest and heaviest weights around. They are utilized for anchoring a bait with a heavy current. The sinkers are sold in different shapes. The most common are the egg shapes, pyramid and disc shapes.

How Split Shots are Attached

Put the weight in the area where you want to fasten it on the line. The split shot has to be some distance over your lure. This is important so the fish will not notice it. Two to four inches will be enough. Now thread the line into the weight.

Use pliers to crimp the weight. You can now use the device. It is possible to include more split shots on a line. The number you can add depends on what kind of fishing you are going to do. You should determine this before putting on the weights.

The fishing weight sizes go a long way towards determining how successful you can be. You should study each piece before making a purchase. A lot of these weights are sold packs. So a single package may hold 29 pieces, 35 pieces and so on.

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