How Big is Malibu Beach?

The city of Malibu is a beachfront community with its coastline facing the Malibu BeachPacific Ocean. This is where the famous Malibu beaches are found where countless of popular celebrities are residing. The warm and sandy beaches of the city are the main tourist attraction of the place. The entire length of the popular Malibu beaches is 21 miles or 34 kilometers.

Total Area of the City

The city of Malibu has a total area of 101.0 square miles or 261.5 square kilometers combining both land and water boundaries. This makes the city one of the biggest cities in the United States as well as in California. The total land area is 19.9 square miles or 51.5 square kilometers and the total water area is 81.1 square miles or 210.0 square kilometers because the water boundary of the city is extended about three miles or five kilometers into the ocean. The water area claims 80.32 percent of the total area of the city.

The Coastline of the City of Malibu

A very common misinterpretation within the people of California is that the coastline of the state is invariably north-south. But the truth is that the direction of the coastline is almost completely east-west. This makes the majority of the coastline of Malibu beaches to be facing in the south direction.

Places Along the Beach

Within the long coastline stretch of Malibu beaches can be found the following places: Paradise Cove, Carbon Beach, Surfrider Beach, Escondido Beach, Pirate’s Cove, Broad Beach, Zuma Beach, Westward Beach, and Trancas. Pirate’s Cove was once designated as a nude beach because the beach is quite secluded to the public. But at present, nudity has become an illegal act in all the beaches of Los Angeles County. Nude sunbathers within the limit of the city of Malibu will be arrested or subjected to fines.

On the east side of the place called Little Dume in the city of Malibu is a great spot for surfing. However, it is only accessible through an unmarked trail beneath the Wildlife Drive. However, the entrance has a locked gate therefore, persistent surfers will do some paddling from Paradise Cove going to that wonderful surfing spot in Malibu Beaches.

There are lots of big public beaches within the city of Malibu that have easy access to the public such as Surfrider Beach and Zuma Beach. For smaller and somewhat remote beaches in the city, access is somewhat limited to the public. There are some Malibu beaches that are considered as private since you have to pay an entrance fee before going to their beaches just like Paradise Cove.

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