How Big is Grauman’s Chinese Theater?

There are many places in Hollywood worth visiting. But if there is one particular place you should not miss to see, it is the grand Grauman’s Chinese Theater located at 6925 Hollywood Boulevard. It is huge, it is spectacular, and it is rich in history.

Big Attraction

You might be wondering just how big is Grauman’s Chinese Theater. Well, let’s measure it according to its capacity.

The auditorium of the historical and splendid theater is around 2,200. That would not count the number of guests that could stay at the four opera boxes, which is located behind the huge auditorium. The opera boxes are private and usually serve as the receiving area for visiting celebrities.

Splendidly Beautiful

Aside from its vast size, the actual look of the theater is one of its biggest attractions. Its interiors are superb. Plus, there are countless displays of Asian items that all add up to its exotic atmosphere.

Some people take a tour to the Chinese Theater, not to see a movie but to appreciate its wonderful architecture. Guided walking tours can be availed of for a small price, which will entitle you to see all the sights, all the amazing things about the decades old theater.

But the best way to appreciate this spectacle, really, is to buy a movie ticket and go inside, see a movie. Getting inside will introduce you to proofs that the place has been well-preserved as an important part of Hollywood history.

Aside from the auditorium, there are also other parts of the theater that are worth seeing. There’s the famous forecourt where celebrities imprint their hand prints, footprints, and autographs. There’s also the lobby where wall murals and wax figures can be found. You sure would not get short of things to do and see at this amazing place.

Historical Value

The Grauman’s Chinese Theater is, more often than not, the site of biggie gala premieres since it opened in late 1920s. One of the most memorable films that had its world premiere at the theater is ‘Wizard of Oz’. It is definitely one of the most celebrated movies of all time. Proof to that is the fact that the Chinese Theater’s surroundings had to deal with over 10,000 spectators come premiere night. The history does not stop because continuously, it hosts big premieres on a daily basis.

Aside from such events, the Chinese Theater also used to host the annual Academy Award ceremonies. The Oscars is an important day for Hollywood celebrities. So on a day such as that, stars pour the theater’s red carpet.

The Chinese Theater was also featured in a couple of movies itself. It has appeared in ‘Singing in the Rain’ and ‘Mighty Joe Young’ among others.

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