How Big is an E-Book Reader?

The size of an e-book reader is constantly evolving. Manufacturers are always trying to make the device lighter and making the screens bigger. The following are some examples.

Product Comparison

The Kindle DX has a 9.7” screen size with 4 GB of memory. It weighs 18.9 oz and has a battery life of two weeks. The Sony Daily Reader has a 7” inch screen and 2 GB of memory. It weighs 12.7 oz. The iRex Iliad 2 has an 8.1” screen size and 256 MB of memory.

The weight is 15.3 oz. The iRex Digital Reader has a screen size measuring 10.2”. It weighs 20.1 oz and comes with 1 GB of memory. The Skiff Reader has an 11.5” screen. It has 4 GB memory and weighs 17.6 oz.

Other Facts about E-Books

Apart from the size of an e-book reader, knowing something about these devices will be helpful. The e-book is a device that digitally stores written material. Digital written materials are called e-books. The device used for reading them is called the e-book reader.

Screen Type and Size

The screen size has to be large enough to read. The majority of these readers use single monochrome so it is easy on the eyes. You need light to read because many don’t have backlighting. Some devices have color. Many prefer the gray shades because they are lighter. They also use up less battery.

Remember that these devices need a second to refresh. So when you “turn” the page, it will take a second for the screen to be updated. The average screen size is 6 inches. But as the examples above show, there are larger ones available.

Wireless Downloads

This is an important feature. If you are always on the go, it helps to have a device that can download from anywhere. Other devices need to be close to Wi-Fi network. If there isn’t one nearby, you won’t be able to download.

Other Considerations

You also have to think of the formats the device supports. Electronic books are available in different formats. The more formats it supports, the better. The weight is also important. A bulky reader can be difficult to carry around.

You can learn the size of an e-book reader by reading book reviews. You should also check what the reviews have to say about the usability of the device. The devices do not come cheap; be certain you get one that works without a hitch.

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