How Big is a Frisbee?

Throwing a Frisbee disc in a clear day is quite a fun game to play. You can go to the beach and toss it back and forth with friends just to pass away the time. It’s quite an easy game to play and is lightweight so anyone can carry it around with them. Who would ever have thought that the idea for a thing like this came from a cake pan tossed by a husband and his wife?

Frisbee Disc Sizes

There are a lot of different Frisbees out there and they usually come out in many different sizes. Most of them have diameters that range from eight to ten inches, which translates to something like 20 cm to 25 cm give or take a few. However, do take note that manufacturers tend to make their own sizes and so it won’t be hard to find flying discs that are smaller or bigger than these size ranges.

Shifting gears forward, we know that playing with Frisbees has become quite a big sport nowadays. In fact, this pastime has taken on a serious turn with organizations like the UPA being created. According to the UPA rules, a regulation size disc should have a diameter of 10.75 inches and should weigh 175 grams. However, an exception found in the official rules also state that any disc can be used during a game as long as both of the team captains from both teams that are playing the game can agree on it.

Nowadays, the people who are serious about throwing Frisbee discs will prefer to use the above stated standard size and weight. The Discraft brand is currently the official throwing disc brand used by the USA Ultimate Championship Series.

Of course, other than the standard size discs, customers can also find custom size discs in case some of the younger kids want to sample the action. Of course, there are manufacturers that specialize in flying discs designed to be caught by dogs. Consumers can also find throwing discs that glow in the dark types and some even designed to produce sound while in the air.


The creation of the flying disc is credited to Walter Morrison who let a little business acumen run wild when he and his would be wife were playing and tossing their cake pan back and forth one day. Someone apparently thought the game was fun and approached the couple and said they would like to the pan, perhaps thinking that it was a toy.

That was back in 1938 and Morrison went on to create what we would know today as the Frisbee disc. Of course, manufacturers would redesign the original invention by Morrison but the credit definitely should go to him. The Frisbee disc or flying disc today is both a fun game to play in the park and a serious sport enjoyed by hundreds of enthusiasts.

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