How Big is a Rugby Field?

The rugby field dimensions cannot be wider than 70 meters. The length cannot go beyond 144 meters. This measurement includes the Dead Ball Line.

Goal Post

The goal post is 3 meters high at the crossbar and 5.6 meters wide. It has the same dimensions as those used in NFL football.

The In Goal

The In Goal is the rugby version of the end zone in American football. It is indicated by the Dead Ball Line and the Goal Line. The dimensions of the In Goal cannot be more than 22 m and cannot be less than 10 m.

The 22 Meter and 10 Meter Lines

The 22 meter line is obtained from the try line or goal line. This is the part where the match is restarted. The 10 meter line is 10 meters away from the halfway line. This is at both sides. Regardless of the rugby field dimensions, this denotes the distance where the kickoff is before the other team gets the ball.

The Halfway Line

This line cuts the field in half. This is present no matter what the dimensions of the field are.

Rugby Union and Rugby League

There are two versions of the sport; rugby league and rugby union. Rugby union is the more popular of the two. It is played in Wales, South Africa, Scotland, England, Argentina, France, Australia and other countries. It is managed by the International Rugby Board (IRB). The rugby league is currently supervised by the Rugby League International Federation.

Some Basic Rules

There are some rule variations between the two. However both share some common rules. Players are not allowed to throw the ball forward. They both use an oval ball.

The only way teams can make up ground is by kicking the ball or running with it. The rules in rugby league are designed to make the game faster. In rugby league there are 13 players, while in the union there are 15.

In union play, players can grapple for possession after the tackle. A maul or ruck can take place. In league competition, it is not allowed.

Furthermore, the league rules state a team has to give up possession if they fail to score prior to a six tackle set. There is no such limit in union rugby. A team will keep the ball as long as no penalties are incurred.

The rugby field dimensions specified here are for the professional game. In some recreational play, smaller fields may be used.

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