How Big is a Queen Size Bed Frame

If you are an adult single sleeper and would want a very comfortable bed with plenty of space to move around, then a Queen size bed is what you need. If you are purchasing this bed size for the first time, you will also need a fitting bed frame.
Before you go on your search for the perfect Queen size bed, you should first look at the different sizes that Queen beds come in. This will help you find the right bed frame size.
How Big is a Queen Size Bed Frame?
A standard Queen size bed measures sixty inches in length by eighty inches in width, or roughly about five feet wide and 6.6 feet long. This being said, you should find a bed frame that will fit these dimensions.
Unless you have other specifications for your bed frame, a Queen size bed frame will have the same measurements as your bed mattress. A few inches may be added if you want something with an elaborate headboard.
Now if you are looking into getting a Queen mattress that comes in dimensions different from the standard type, you will also need to get a bed frame of the same measurements.
For instance, if you are looking at a longer Queen bed; you may want to get a California Queen which measures approximately sixty inches in width by eighty-four inches in length. Your bed frame should have these approximate measurements as well.
An Olympic Queen on the other hand is wider but has the same length as the standard Queen. This type measures sixty-six inches in width and eighty inches in length.
Finding the Right Bed Frame
Usually, people who purchase a certain type of bed mattress for the first time, they will get the bed frame that goes with the mattress. There are bed sets that you can find in bed and bedding shops whether online or in your local shops.
Most bed frames are made of wood or steel materials. When looking for a Queen size bed frame, check the support rail in the middle as this will provide additional support for the mattress.
You should also check the weight capacity of the frame to ensure that it can fully support your weight and that of another person’s in the event that you will be sharing the bed with someone else.
Finally, and perhaps most importantly, check that your bedroom can fully accommodate a Queen size bed. There should still be plenty of room for movement around the room once the bed and the frame are in place.

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