How Big is a Green Pepper Plant?

Green pepper plant sizes are partly dependent on the species and the environment. On the average, they can attain a height of 20 inches. Some have been known to get as high as 36 inches. The plant is also known as the bell pepper.


The bell pepper is best known for flavoring food in different cuisines. Unlike its spicy kin, the taste is somewhat sweet. There is also little to no heat. For this reason it is preferred by those who don’t like spicy food.

The pepper can be difficult to cultivate as it is hard to tell when it has ripened. Other peppers like the orange, red and yellow turn green to indicate their ripeness.

Many of the green peppers sold in stores are in fact unripe red peppers. Some are unripe yellow peppers. It becomes even more confusing because some green peppers retain their green color upon ripening.

Availability and Cultivation

These plants are available in garden supply stores and nurseries. These plants are best grown in temperate weather. These can be cultivated from peppers or seeds.

If you are growing from seeds, it’s best to plant during early spring or winter’s end. As a rule, it is best to let the seeds grow indoors. After three months, the seeds can be placed in containers or outdoor beds. This is true regardless of the green pepper plant sizes.

If taken care of properly, the pepper will generate fruit through the entire year. Its production will depend on the climate though.


These can be prepared in various ways. For some, it is best to just eat them raw. Others like to add these to crudite platters or salads. Many South American and Mediterranean cuisines use these peppers. Stuffing green peppers is a popular treat. Fillings may consist of ground beefs, cheese, vegetables, rice, etc.

Making a filling is easy; you just cut the top off and remove all the seeds. After the filling is added, it may be baked or fried. These fillings are used in international cuisines ranging from Italian, Mexican and even Czech.

You can make pickles by mixing hot pepper, green pepper and onions. Put them in a jar. Mix some salt, vinegar and your choice of spices in a stock pot. Now you just have to combine all the ingredients and heat them in a pot.

It should be stressed that the green pepper plant sizes do not necessarily affect the flavor. As long as the plants grow to the average height, they should be fine.

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