How Big is a Golf Putter

Selecting the right golf putter size is necessary to play the game right. If you choose the wrong length, it will lead to incorrect posture and inconsistent results.

How Putter Length is Measured

The measurement is done from the club’s sole under the hossel to the shaft’s top. The regulations state that the club has to be 18 inches long minimum. There are no limits to the length.

Traditional Length (32-36 inches)

This is the most widely used length in the game, albeit not as widespread as before. This length can produce a pendulum swing in a stroke. It is the height that lets your arms go down and grip. Many players find this length provides a genuine roll.

Long (48-52 inches)

This type is the least used of all the clubs. It may rest on the chest, above the belly button or the chin, depending on the golf putter size. This is typically held with the left hand. The right hand is set at the center section.

Belly (41-46 inches)

These are the newest types and favored by some because of its stability. The club can be set against the body. It means the individual’s posture will not change. The drawback with this club is the feel and distance control. It requires extra strength on the part of the golfer.

How to Choose a Putter

The only to find the right one for you is to practice with it. The first step is to go to a golf shop. You should practice 10 to 15 foot shots. Try those with different designs. These include mallet, blade etc.

You can also try putting 10 to 12 feet with a few golf balls (about 5 balls will do). Never try to compensate with the way the ball goes off. What you want is a club that puts the ball on line close to the cup.

Try practicing with a few clubs. Practice using them and assess their accuracy. Look for those that match your natural stroke. Do not adjust your stroke to the club.

As you try the clubs, eliminate those that do not fit your playing style. Do not let the salespeople tell you what type works for you. Only you can decide this.

In the end, only the individual can determine what golf putter size is proper. It will take some time to find the appropriate one. But this will pay off as your game will improve.

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