How Big is a 4 Carat Diamond

Choosing an engagement ring for the girl of your dreams can be pretty daunting. Men of course would want to give the best diamond ring their money can buy and the bigger the budget, the bigger the stone you can get.
A 4-carat diamond ring can have a pretty large stone and it comes with a steep price tag, too; running thousands of dollars. Other than the budget, the style and cut of the diamond; not to mention its clarity and color; are also important considerations. 
To have an idea of how big a 4-carat diamond is, based on the cut, you may refer to the list below.
How Big is a 4-Carat Diamond?
Depending on the cut, a 4-carat diamond can be any of the following sizes:
Round Brilliant Diamond Cut 
A Round Brilliant diamond adorning an engagement ring may have a measurement of approximately 10.2 millimeters in width. This is about 0.4016 in inches.
This is more or less the size of a regular pea.
Princess Diamond Cut
A 4-carat diamond of this cut will measure approximately 9 by 9 millimeters which is about 0.3543 in inches. It has the same dimensions for both the width and the length because a Princess Cut diamond is square in shape.
Emerald Diamond Cut
As for an Emerald Cut 4-carat diamond, dimensions for this style are around 11 x 9 millimeters. This is approximately 0.4330 by 0.3543 in inches. 
Pear Diamond Cut
A Pear Cut diamond, which looks like a teardrop when inverted, will be about 14 by 9 millimeters if you are looking at a 4-carat diamond. This size is approximately 0.5511 by 0.3543 in inches.
Oval Diamond Cut
This is a round and elongated diamond shape and four carats of this cut will measure approximately 11 by 9 millimeters. In inches, these dimensions are equivalent to 0.4330 by 0.3543. 
Heart-Shaped Diamond Cut
A four-carat, heart-shaped diamond will be around 10 by 10 millimeters in width and length which is equivalent to 0.3937 by 0.3937 in inches.
Trillion Diamond Cut
For a four-carat, Trillion Cut diamond, you will have the approximate dimensions of a heart-shaped diamond cut. This is about 10 by 10 millimeters or approximately 0.3937 by 0.3937 inches.
Marquise Diamond Cut
A Marquise diamond cut is actually one of the less popular diamond cuts used in rings. Four carats of this shape will measure about 16 x 8 millimeters. In inches, this is approximately 0.6299 by 0.3150.
Radiant Diamond Cut
There is also the Radiant Cut and four carats of this one will be about 11 by 9 millimeters or 0.4330 by 0.3543 inches. 

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