How Big Are Bed Bugs?

After heraing this age old good-night poem, you will want to ask, How Big Are Bed Bugs? “Good night, sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite…” This can scare a kid and not make them sleep… Bed Bugs? Just what are they? As their name indicates, these insects like to hide in beds and mattresses. They conceal themselves in carpeting, walls and other stuff in the room. Because they feed on human blood mostly, these insects tend to hide in beds or couches (where people are usually found).

How Big Are Bed Bugs?

The adult bed bugs are reddish brown in color. The recently hatched ones have a lighter hue. The brownish color is attained when the insects reach maturity, but how big are bed bugs? – The size of bed bugs range from 4 to 5 mm. That’s roughly equivalent to an apple seed.

Effect of Bed Bug Bites

These insects thrive in human dwelling places (hence the name). It is primarily active in the wee hours of the morning. It consumes blood to survive. Its bites are very similar to those of mosquitoes. The difference is that they tend to bite in threes. Their bites also last longer than most mosquitoes.

The bite effect varies per individual. Some people experience very severe itching. Other individuals suffer from skin infections or even rashes. The correlation between the size of bed bugs and their bites isn’t clear yet.How Big Are Bed Bugs?

However some intense bites have been known to cause stress and even insomnia. How and why these effects occur is not yet fully understood.

Unlike other insects, bed bugs aren’t known to transmit diseases. Chances of diseases being passed on are also unlikely, although they are physically capable of doing it.

Eliminating Bed Bugs

Whatever the size of bed bugs or number, they can be eliminated. The quickest method is to hire an exterminator to eliminate them using pesticides from your house. This may be necessary if their presence reaches infestation levels.

If you want to get rid of them yourself, you can use neem oil. These are extracted from the neem tree (found in India). These are sprayed onto the bed and other spots where the bugs like to hide.

Dogs have been used to detect the presence of bed bugs too. Others utilize fabric steamers to destroy the bugs and the eggs too. This needs to be conducted weekly to totally stop the bed bug infestation.

Steam cleaners and alcohol sprays are also useful. The mattress can also be wrapped in a protective cover to prevent bugs from clinging to it.

Preventive Measures

Regardless of the size of bed bugs, cleaning the room and mattress regularly will keep the bugs at bay. When traveling, avoid keeping travel bags open unless you’re using it. This will keep the bugs away. When in hotels, never place the clothes on the floor.

Always set them on hangers. Quite often, bed bugs are unknowingly carried by travelers in their clothing and suitcases. These are then transported to their homes.

Before leaving, check your luggage and clothing for any traces. Signs include bloodstains, droppings and eggs. Clean them immediately. Also check the mattress and the seams in particular; bugs like to hide there.

The question: How big are bed bugs should more be a question about how irritating they can be. But with good house cleaning, you can get rid of their presence. So, now that you know, when your kids ask, “How Big Are Bed Bugs?” you’ll be able to answer them and calm their fears.

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