Horse Stable Dimensions

Known as a building that have different stalls for horses, a horse stable has different kinds including theHorse Stable American barn and a free standing stable. The design of the place may vary on building materials used, climate as well as historical period. Different materials can be used in constructing the place such as steel, wood and masonry. The place can also be used for race tracks and agricultural shows. To know more about constructing the building, let us start with the dimensions of a horse stable.


If you like to construct a horse stable at your place, it is important that you know the appropriate measurements for the place. Horse stable dimensions differ on the type of the building that you like to construct. For instance, if you are interested in constructing a box stall for ponies, its width should be three meters and its height is three meters. On the other hand, if you like to build a stall for horses foaling, then the width should be the same with the length, which is 3.6 meters. When constructing an isolation box, then the dimensions should be 5 x 5.

Another type of horse stables that you can construct is the standing stall. If you like to build the stall at your place, it is necessary that you know the right dimensions for this stable. Its width should be 1.7 meters and the length must be 3.3 meters. The rear passageway of a standing stall should have a minimum measurement of 2 meters. Finally, the door of box stalls and standing stalls should have a height of 2.4 meters and a width of 1.2 meters.

Additional Information and Other Important Details

When constructing horse stables, you should consider the ventilation system in the place. If a stable has low air movement and it is unheated, horses can experience low metabolic rates and the animals can experience malnutrition. On the other hand, in places with cold climate, it is important that the place have supplemental heating because horses can suffer from hypothermia.

If you want to build a stable, it is important that you consider the ventilation’s natural forces. These are aspiration, perflation and the Stack effect. To maximize the use of these forces, it is essential that horse stables have appropriately placed vents as well as an adequately sized roof ducting. Above all, the place should be well lighted because dark boxes can cause behavioral problems to the animals kept in the stable.

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