Guest Room Dimensions

Entertaining guests in your house every once in a while is inevitable. At one point or another, you will have to welcome a friend or family from a different town for a sleepover. For times like that, it is better to be prepared than to be sorry. Instead of going gaga over who will be thrown out of his room to give way to a guest, it is better to have a guest room ready.

Guest Room Dimensions

guest room is a spare room in the house that is always ready to embrace guests who have come to sleep over. Since no one is using it on a regular basis, it does not have be big. A size that will comfortably sit in a standard bed and a closet might be enough.

The ideal guest room dimensions is 11’xx11’ or the same size for a standard bedroom. At approximately 120 square feet, that is not too small nor too big. It is just right to house the needed sleeping comfort for your guest or guests.

Designing a Guest Room

Designing a guest room is like designing any bedroom in the house. It must not have a personality, though, much like the other bedrooms with permanent dwellers. A ‘universal bedroom’ will definitely provide as much comfort to your guests as possible.

Although it is a guest room you are working on, you must never take the décor in the stride. You must think about it carefully, making sure that your guests will appreciate the effort.

The easiest way to design a guest room is to make it consistent with the style of the public rooms in your house (i.e. the living room) – from the colors to the themes. More importantly, put in pieces of furniture that is sure to provide your guests the comfort, feeling like they are not away from home, after all.

If the space allows, it is best that you put in a small bathroom inside the guest room. It will be convenient to your houseguest and to the other members of your family that way.

A guest room is an important room that you must have a space for in your house. With a guest room set up, you will have no problems about receiving guests for the night, whether it is a family or friend, because you will not need to throw any of your family members out of their room. You can also be sure that you will be able to provide your guest with as much comfort to make him feel at home.

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