Dimensions of a Crankshaft

A crankshaft is the engine component that sets reciprocating linear piston motion to rotation. In most cases the crankshaft is linked to a flywheel.

Crankshaft Dimensions: Ford 302

The specifications for the K1 Technologies Ford Windsor V8 5.0 L 302 crankshafts are as follows. The .030 oversize bore is 332 cubic inches (for the 3.250 stroker crank). Using the 3.400 stroker crank, the oversized bore is 347 cubic inches.

It has the 6 bolt Ford rear flange and has straight oil holes. Other features include a hardened core and stock 302 5.0 Ford (main journal size). The cranks are best used on the 302 Ford Mustang.

They can also be used on a dragster, hot rod turbo and racing engines. The cranks are also for nostalgia dragsters, supercharged engines and street cars.

Crankshaft Dimensions: Dodge 340 Crank

The 3.790 stroke crank has a 030 bore measuring 394 cubic inches. The 4.000 stroke crank has a 030 bore measuring 416 cubic inches. The cranks are forged steel, nitrided and core hardened.

They have straight oil holes. Other features include 340 main journal (size is 2.500 in), 6 bolt Chrysler rear flange and is Mag-Particle inspected. These cranks are best used with the K1 4340 Billet H beam 340 rods.

There are three stroke types: the 3.790 (340 Chrysler 4340 Forged Stroker Crank 3.790 Stroke 2.100 rod journal), 4.000 (SB Chrysler 340 4340 Forged Stroker Crank 4.000 Stroke 2.100 rod journal) and 4.000 (SB Chrysler 340 4340 Forged Stroker Crank 4.000 Stroke 2.125 rod journal).

Crankshaft Dimensions: K1 426 Hemi Engine 4340

The stock stroke is 3.750 in. The main journal size is 2.750 in, while the rod pin is 2.375 in. The crankshaft is constructed from 4340 grade steel. The crankshafts utilize 125" fillet radii to increase its strength.

The crankshafts can be used to reconstruct a hot rod, dragster, drag race 426 hemi and other projects. Another feature is the 8 bolt flange. The rod pin sizes also differ according to the crank.

For the K1 Tech. 4340 forged steel 3.750" stock 426 Hemi crank stroke, the rod pin is 2.375, while for the K1 Tech. 4340 forged steel 4.250" it is 2.200.

Crankshaft Dimensions: Small Block Mopar Eagle Cranks

The Eagle crankshaft is intended for use on Mopar small block engines. The stock is 3.310 inches for the 273 318 340 5.2 Magnum. For the 360 5.9 Magnum the stock stroke is 3.580 inches (note: the cast steel crank is for below 500 hp engines only).

For the 103403310, the stroke is 3.310" and the bobweight is 2050. For the 103404000 the stroke is 4.000" and for the 434033106123 it is 3.310". For the 434040006123 the stroke is 4.000". For the 103603580 it is 3.580" and for the 436035806123 it is 3.580". The bobweight is 2050 for all these parts. The cranks are either forged steel or cast iron.

The crankshaft dimensions and specs may be different for your building project. The type needed will depend on the vehicle you are using or trying to construct.

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