Different Dimensions of Soccer Fields

The size of soccer fields will depend on the playing level. Soccer FieldsThe field dimensions for the professional and other levels differ in some respects.

Professional Soccer

The field is divided into several segments. But overall the playing field is 60 yards wide and 100 yards long. At the center is the midfield line. This segregates the field into two 50 yard parts. There is also a circle drawn in the middle measuring 10 yards. This marks the point where players must stay away from at kickoff time.

The Penalty Spots

The penalty area is denoted by a rectangle. This rectangle is precisely oriented at the goal. This point is also known as the penalty box. The size of soccer fields makes this rectangular area 44 yards wide. It is also 18 yards deep. About 10 yards from the penalty mark is the arc.

Contact in this area may result in penalty kicks. The penalty mark itself is a dozen yards away from the end lines. This is where penalty kicks are done. Within the entire penalty section is another rectangle. It’s 6 yards deep and has a width of 20 yards. This is where goal kicks are done.

The Corner Kick

This tactic is performed in the field corners. There’s a circle there measuring 1 yard. From this spot the player does the corner kick. The spot for the corner kick doesn’t vary regardless of level of play.

The Goal

For professional / adult games, the goal measures 8 ft high. It is 24 ft wide. It should be noted that the size of soccer fields can be a little bigger. Some fields measure as large as 75 by 120 yards. Regardless of the size, the rectangular shape is constant.

Other Soccer Fields

The game is very popular with kids, but the field sizes vary considerably. For those under 7, the field measures 15 yards wide and 25 yards long. For those ages 8, the field is usually 20 x 30 yards.

10 to 11 year olds play in fields 40 x 70 yards. 12 year olds play soccer in 55 x 80 yard fields. For teens, it’s at least 60 x 100 yards or the same as professional athletes.

The size of soccer fields aren’t just the ones that vary. The goal sizes differ too. For 6 and below the goal is usually 6.5’ tall and 12’ wide. The same goal size is used in soccer games for 8 year olds.

For under 10, it’s 7’ high and 21’ wide. For under 11, it’s 8’ tall and 24’ wide. The number of players varies though. Different leagues use different numbers. Some prefer the full complement
while others play 3 on 3, 4 on 4 and so on.

In collegiate soccer, the width doesn’t go beyond 80 yards but no less than 65 yards. Lengthwise it’s rarely below 110 yards but doesn’t go over 120 yards.

The varying sizes of soccer fields make the game very adoptable. The various playing field dimensions make it easy for kids to pick up the game and learn the rules.

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