Crimping Pliers Sizes

The crimping pliers sizes depend on the designer. Some crimping pliers are 8 inches long and two inches wide. Other models are 9 inches long but some are shorter. The width of the tools also differs among models.

What are Crimping Pliers?

These are tools used to break wiring and small metal objects and materials. The objective is to make a crimp. This is a closure that will not open on its own. The crimping tool can be utilized in various applications including electrical wiring and beading.

These crimping tools can be purchased in hardware stores or home improvement stores. Different crimping pliers sizes can be ordered by way of supply catalogs too.

Use in Beading

In beading, the crimping tool can be used to demolish the crimp beads. Using the crimping pliers, the beads can be crushed in a manageable way that will result in a more polished appearance. The pliers have a couple of small openings.

One makes the first crimp, flattening and smashing the head of the crimp. The other opening is used to round the head to compress the crimp.

The crimping tool is also used for making wire loops. These can be used to seal bead stands. If the head of the crimp is small enough, it can be put inside a bigger head to conceal the crimp site.

Use in Electrical Wiring

Terminal crimping pliers are used to make secure electrical connections minus the solder. The wiring insulation is removed and placed in the terminal. It is then crimped.

The pliers used for electrical wires come with a sharp slot. This is for stripping purposes. Assuming the pliers are closed properly, the crimped connection will be solid.


These crimping pliers are available in various sizes. This is necessary so it can handle crimps with different diameters. More advanced crimping tools have numerous slots. This allows a user to choose the suitable slot. There are heavy pliers available for larger crimps.

The larger size will also let you apply the appropriate measure for the crimp. There are also lighter pliers available. These are used for more delicate work. The lighter pliers ensure the object won’t get broken. Heavy pliers should not be used for delicate tasks.

Given these facts, it should be obvious that choosing the correct crimping pliers size and type is necessary. This will allow you to exert the right pressure on the object you are crimping.

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