Bike Frame Size How to Calculate

If you don’t know how to calculate bike frame size, buying will be difficult. Even if you find online charts and calculators, they can be difficult to use without proper knowledge. The following information can help you out.

All about Height

Finding your height is the first step to getting the right frame. The rule of thumb is that the frame should be 30 to 35% of a rider’s height. This is applicable if the measurement is in centimeters. Remove your shoes when measuring your height. If necessary, get someone to help you with the procedure.

Measuring Inseam

This is equally important. This measurement is used to gauge how high a crossbar can be. This is essential for anyone who wants to know how to calculate bike frame size. Proper inseam measurements make bikes simpler to use. It also leads to biking efficiency. This inseam measurement is not the same as the one employed for clothes.

To measure the bike inseam, remove your shoes. Spread your feet and stand against a wall. Position a book between your legs. Set the spine to your crotch. Get someone to measure the spine top to the ground. Get the measurement in cm. Multiply inseam by .65. The figure is the frame you should get.

About Crank Dimensions

This is the length of the crank. It refers to the circle diameter that is made by pedals when you ride. The bigger the crank is, the more power and strength is required from your thighs and knees. There are no recommendations when it comes to crank dimensions. However, some companies recommend basing it on body sizes. But many people just base it on personal preference.

The most commonly used are 175 mm, 172.5 mm, 170 mm and 165 mm. However, these numbers overlap in relation to the right frame. Usually these figures are recommended for 43 and 46 frames.

Other Information

There are plenty of charts that you can use. But those are only recommendations. You should still check the bike in person. Try the bike. Is it comfortable? If you are still unsure, get some advice from the store people. Or you can do some research on the Internet. It also helps if you get advice from knowledgeable people.

By knowing how to calculate bike frame size, you’ll find a frame with the right proportion. Riding on the right frame equals comfort. It also means there is less chance of getting injured. Pedaling will be more efficient.

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