Biggest Hotel

There are many huge hotels in the world. Most of them can be found in the bright city of Las Vegas in Nevada, USA. But the biggest hotel has to be the Hotel Izmailovo in Moscow, Russia. It is only seconded by Vegas’ MGM Grand, which has 7,372 rooms all in all.

Certainly, The Biggest

Hotel Izmailovo is a complex that includes four towers; three with 30 floors each and one with 28 floors. All in all, it has 7,500 rooms available for occupancy, which is ready to accommodate over 10,000 tourists at a time.

Hotel Izmailovo is a major tourist spot in Moscow. It is not only enormous in size but also offers countless accommodation options to every kind of tourist. Staying at the hotel is a good choice for the budget-conscious. That’s because the rooms are reasonably priced and can even be considered cheap compared to others.

Plus, there’s an opportunity to enjoy a wide range of facilities. The hotel has its own cinema, gym, a bunch of bars and restaurants, meeting rooms, a conference hall, saunas, and beauty salons. The rooms are also amazingly stuffed with a mini bar. That’s aside from the usual inclusion of telephone, TV, and bath.


Hotel Izmailovo was first constructed in 1979. Its exact location is at the Izmailovo village, a historical site with clusters of buildings that belong to the Royal Estate.

The following year, Hotel Izmailovo made history when it was used by attending athletes of the Moscow Olympics, a historical sporting event in the city. Although it is not located in the central district, the hotel is flocked for its size and its very reasonable price.

Before the 20th century drew to a close, Hotel Izmailovo was renovated and that’s the complex we know today. It is such a wonderful sight, with great accommodation rates. Plus, it is near interesting landmarks that you would not dare miss if you happen to be in Moscow.

There’s the Izmailovo Weekend Market, which features traditional gifts and souvenirs. There’s also the Izmailovsky Park Metro Station, which provides accessibility to the central district and many of Moscow’s pretty sights including Kremlin and the Red Square.

Aside from that, there is also the option to visit the remaining clusters of building of the old Royal Estate and village, which will give you a nice, enchanting look at the historical past, some five centuries ago.

True enough, when visiting Russia, staying at Hotel Izmailovo is a good choice. You will get a good price, nice accommodation, plus the opportunity to stay at the world’s biggest hotel.

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