Beer Keg Sizes UK

Beer keg sizes UK and in Europe differ from those used in the United States. In the United Kingdom, a keg is equivalent to 11 imperial gallons. Unlike other countries, they do not use the metric system. In other European nations, a keg is equal to 50 liters. In those cases, half a keg is 25 liters.

Keg Variants

Kegs have a single hole at the top. It functions as a two-way valve so beer can be pumped in or out of it. There are different types of kegs. To get the beer out, you have to know the valve type and apply the right coupling utility.

How to Keep Keg Cool

Whether you are learning about beer keg sizes UK or US sizes, the methods of keeping keg cool are standardized. The most basic method is to keep the keg on ice. Get a large container and fill it with ice. Put the keg in it. Add ice around the sides. The typical beer keg in the Britain requires several pounds of ice. It’s important that the ice does not melt.

Make it a point to monitor the beer temperature. Add more ice if required. If there is no wet ice, dry ice can be used. The problem with dry ice is it can freeze the beer. Wear gloves when holding these materials.

What are Kegerators?

These are refrigerators made especially for kegs. These are sold in many appliance stores in Britain. They accommodate different keg dimensions. Some of these units have temperature control devices built-in. Others are meant to handle numerous kegs. It is also possible to transform a standard fridge to a dispensing unit or keg storage. You can do this using a CO2 tank and some tools.

Keg Insulation

There are several keg coolers designed to insulate kegs. Some of these are known as keg jackets. Most of them are made of polypropylene or other insulation materials. This will stop a cold keg from getting hot. Even if the temperatures go up, the keg remains cool.

Coolers are sold in different sizes. With these devices, you no longer have to add ice. Some of them also have an opening for dispensing. Most of these have wheels so you can move them easily when it becomes necessary.

When studying beer keg sizes UK, remember that countries have different regulations. For instance, common sizes in Germany are 30 and 20 liters.

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