Bed Dimensions in UK

It has been found that the bed is the most important furniture. It is the most used, topping other household items such as the sofa and the television set. Individuals spend about 200,000 hours on a bed in their lifetimes. So it is quite safe that you invest on a bed that is dependable, comfortable, and stylish.

Buying a Bed

When shopping for a bed, there are a couple of factors to consider. The number one key factor is the size. Size matters a lot when choosing a bed. You should go for a size that you are comfortable moving around with. Freedom of movement is important in the brand of comfort and the quality of sleep you will enjoy in your bed. You should also choose a size that will fit right in the amount of space you have in your bedroom. In that sense you also consider the size that will fit into the size of your doorways towards your bedroom.

When choosing a size, it is important that you know what is available in the market. There are different sizes in the market today. Each is often defined by the manufacturer and its country of origin. If you are more comfortable shopping for UK beds, here is a chart of bed dimensions in UK:

Toddler bed – 27” x 55”
Small Single – 30” x 72”
Standard Single – 36” x 75”
Prince or Small Double or Three Quarter – 48” x 75”
Standard Double – 54” x 75”
King – 60” x 75”
Super King, also regarded as the “Queen” – 72” x 75”

Aside from size, you also need to consider the style and shape of your bed. Today, round beds are becoming quite popular. Why not? They imbue a sense of romance and flair that ill give your bedroom a nice drama. You can go for round beds for as long as you have enough space for it. They require a bigger clearance than regular beds, you know.

Another thing to take into consideration when shopping for a bed is the price. Beds vary and so are their prices. Extravagant beds command a hefty price tag. If you are not prepared to pay the price, you should not consider it. Make sure to go only for a unit that you can afford. It is not right to break the bank for your bed. But as mentioned earlier, this is an important investment. So the best tip to go for is to buy the most luxurious bed that you can afford.

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