Bed Bug Bite Size

Bed bugs leave tiny, itchy, red marks that can somehow become bothersome as the day goes by. Bed bug bite size is very small. They may not even draw your attention unless it has infected a good part of your skin.

What are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are insects that feed on warm-blooded animals, like human. They usually feed at night. They usually thrive in dark, cushioned places like the sofa and the bed, hence the name.

Bed bugs are quite small. They also look similar to other insects. That’s why determining whether your house has been infected by the specific kind of bug or not is difficult without the help of a pest control professional.

Adult bed bugs only measure about 4-5mm long and 1-3mm wide. They can grow triple that size after 15 minutes of feeding. They feed on cats and dogs and rats’ blood. But their favorite is definitely human blood. While they feed, the victim will not feel anything. The only evidence that you have been invaded during your sleep is when you wake up with tiny, red, itchy marks on your skin.

Once bed bugs invaded your home, it will be difficult to stop them without proper pest control management. Female bugs can lay up to five eggs a day during maturity. It can lay up to 500 eggs during its lifetime, which can grow rapidly and become adult bugs on their own in a matter of five weeks.

What to Do When You Have Been Bitten?

Dealing with bed bug bites is more than knowing how big the red mark could be. It is more about knowing what to do in case of a bit and in case of an infestation altogether.

The home remedy for bed bug bites is washing the infested area with soap and water, then, applying an anesthetic cream and some ice to avoid welting and swelling. You should also keep from scratching the affected area as that would definitely aggravate the problem. You should treat your skin with cream and ice until your symptoms of itchiness, swelling, and inflammation subsides. If your symptoms persist or start to worsen, you should go and see a doctor for a more advanced treatment.

Bed bug bites should be taken seriously. If it is not treated, it could give you a skin problem that will take time to be corrected. While treating your skin, remember to call professionals for pest control so your problem will not be repeated over again.

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