Beach Tennis Court Dimensions

Most beach tennis court dimensions are similar to those of beach volleyball, that is, 30 by 60 feet. In some cases the court is 52 feet long. The net is a bit lower compared to a volleyball net at 5 ft 10 inches. Some nets are 5 ft 5 inches only though.

Other Measurements

A net divides the court in exactly half. The court is 26 feet wide for doubles. For singles play, the court width is 16 feet. Each half court is a perfect square.

How the Game is Played

The game is played using standard tennis rackets. The game is a cross between volleyball and tennis. Players try to keep the ball in the air. This is true whether the game is for singles or doubles. No matter what tennis court dimensions are used, some rules are fixed.

For instance, ball bouncing is not allowed. This is the most significant derivation from traditional tennis. Standard tennis balls are used. In some games, a “flat” ball is used. These types have less internal pressure. Each team is permitted only one hit to send the ball over the net.

Rules on Serving

The ball may be served underhanded or over handed. The player serving the ball must strike the ball at the back of their line. Players serving must also be on their side of the court. The other team scores if the server makes contact with the back line. The other team also scores if the server crosses the back line before the ball is hit.

The serve is valid if the all crosses the net without those infractions. Once the ball has crossed over the net, it is deemed in play. The game continues until one of the teams scores a point. Serves alternate just like in traditional tennis.

Scoring System

A single game is played until one team reaches four points. The team that gets six points wins the set. Teams score if the ball grounds at the opposite team’s playing area. Points are also scored when the opposing players strike the ball last before it goes out of bounds.

There is no need to win by two points. As long as a team scores four points, they win. The same rules apply whether the game is for singles or for doubles.

Beach tennis court dimensions used in tournaments are standardized. However, some variants are known to exist. The game isn’t as popular beach volleyball. However, it is slowly carving out a niche.

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