Baseball Bat Diameter

A baseball bat diameter cannot exceed 2.75 inches at the thickest portion. It usually weighs 1 kg (33 ounces). Lengths can vary, but they rarely go beyond 42 inches (1067 mm).

Major League Regulations

Bats used in the MLB have to be round and smooth. It has to be built from a single piece of wood. In addition, bats cannot be filled with anything that makes them lighter. Putting alien objects in bats is not allowed because it is believed to increase hitting power. Specifications for Little League and other non-professional games are different.

Bat Weight

In Little League (8-10 yrs) games, bat weights depend on the height of the player. For 48-50″ it is 16-17 oz; for 51-54″ it is 17-18 oz and for those 55-59″, bats can weigh 18-19 oz. 19-20 oz. bats are for players 60+”.

Their bats are 2 1/4 inch in diameter. In youth league games (11-12 years), the baseball bat diameter used is often the same as that in the pro level. Weights vary though; for 70-80 lbs, bats can weigh 18-19 oz; for 81-100 lbs, it is 19-20 oz and for 101-120 lbs, 20-21 oz. For 121-140 lbs it is 21-22 oz and for 141+ lbs, 22-23 oz.

In high school & college, bats weigh 27-28 oz. for players 66-68″ tall. For 69-72″ it is 28-29 oz. and for 73-76″ it is 29-30 oz. For 77+” the bats must weigh 30-31 oz.

Types of Baseball Bats

Tee-Ball bats are for children five to seven years old. Used in coach pitch leagues, they are 25 inches to 27 inches long and are 2 1/4 inch in diameter. Weight drop is used to determine weight. The larger bats have a weight of minus 7 weight drop. The smaller bats weigh minus 13.

Bats in Little League are suited for children seven to twelve years old. Their weight is also determined in weight drop. The smaller ones are minus 13 and the bigger ones minus 7.

Senior League bat barrels are 2 3/4 inch for the Big Barrel and 2 5/8 inch. Their weight is minus 11 for the lighter ones and minus 5 for the bigger bats. Their lengths are between 28 to 32 inches.

In casual games, baseball bat diameter is not that important. But they are very important for professional gameplay. The other specifications are also crucial. If you are serious about gaming, get a bat with proper specifications.

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